Studio 1

Studio 1

Anna Gerasimiuk
tel.+48 666 222 990

Total area: 150 sq.m
Length: 16,5m
Width: 9m
Height: 8m
Energy power: 120KW
Power points: 16A, 32A, 63A, 125A, 230V
Entrance: 2,3m (height) x 2,4m (width)

Size of cyclorama:
Height: 6m
Width: 9m
Depth: 6m

STUDIO 1 is the only studio space in Poland equipped with white roofed cyclorama It’s an ideal place for photography sessions for advertising, video productions and spots. STUDIO 1 many times turned out to be a great space used for events, training sessions and trade shows. Studio includes wardrobe, make-up and a parking space. Studio 1 is air-conditioned. It offers also WI-FI connection.